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The Team



Kelvin first got behind the grill as a teenager at family reunions, learning the fundamentals through trial and error. It wasn't until 2004 that he began cooking on a competitive level. By 2015, Kelvin and his 'cue crew were crisscrossing the Southeast in the team's custom-made trailer, which Kelvin had designed himself. The team has continued to  rise through the ranks in competitions throughout the Georgia Barbecue Association and Kansas City Barbecue Association circuits - and taking home championship-level awards.

"I'm good with any meat - brisket, ribs, pulled pork, Boston butt. I'm an ace at whole hog too." Kelvin says. "If it doesn't come to me naturally, I don't force it." 


Kenneth started on the competitive cooking path with Kelvin in 2004. Though his day job is serving as a manager for several Krispy Kreme stores in Middle Georgia, Kenneth spends his weekends flexing his aptitude for perfect presentation at barbecue competitions. "He's very creative when it comes to the turn-in box," Kelvin says.


Daniel brings a family connection to the team - as well as a head for numbers. "He's all about efficiency - running data analysis of our scores, and pulling all the numbers from every team in the GBA," Kelvin says. Daniel, who's also an aspiring restaurateur, also mans the tenderloin at competitions.


Always ready to pitch in a hand wherever it's needed, Clarence has "a passion and a heart to compete," Kelvin says. "I don't care where we're going to go, he drives all the way from Atlanta to be  part of it."

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